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Statement of Behaviour Principles

A statement of behaviour principles approved by the Governing Body is required by all maintained schools.

These principles guide our Positive Behaviour Policy and procedures at Priestley Smith School:  

  • We believe children should be given opportunities and openly encouraged to support each other in the process of positive reinforcement and personal growth, learning and recognising good behaviour 

  • At Priestley Smith School we strive to ensure that every child understands they all have the right to feel safe, valued and respected, and learn free from the disruption of others 

  • All children, staff and visitors have the right to always feel safe at school and procedures should consider the requirements of the Education Act 2002 in relation to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children 

  • All pupils, staff and visitors are free from any form of discrimination and policies reflect the duties of the Equality Act 2010 Equality Objectives | Priestley Smith Spec

  • Staff always set an excellent example to pupils

  • Children are helped to take responsibility for and reflect on their actions and choices

  • Children are supported to reflect on their behaviour through emotion coaching and restorative conversations  

  • Families are involved in behaviour incidents to foster good relationships between the school and pupils’ home life 

  • Rewards and sanctions are used consistently by staff, in line with our Positive Behaviour Policy 

  • The decision to use physical intervention and/or reasonable force will be based on individual circumstances and the professional judgement of staff 

  • By effectively preventing and tackling bullying, we can help to create a safe, disciplined environment where pupils are able to learn and fulfil their potential 

  • The Positive Behaviour Policy explains that suspensions (fixed-term exclusions) and permanent exclusions will only be used as a last resort, and outlines the processes involved in permanent and fixed-term exclusions 

  • The Governing Body of Priestley Smith School also emphasises that violence or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated in any circumstances  

  • The Positive Behaviour Policy is shared with children, parents and staff  Policies | Priestley Smith Spec

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