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DIARY OF EVENTS:  2023 - 2024


The school year starts in September. There are 195 school days in each year (39 weeks). Pupils spend 190 days (38 weeks) in school each year; 5 of the 195 days are reserved for training teachers and support staff.

Children are expected in school every day. Term time holidays will NOT be authorised.

The Local Authority may issue fines or take Parents/Carers to court for taking term time holidays

Autumn Term 2023

Term Starts: Wednesday 6th September 2023

Half Term: Monday 30 October 2023 to Friday 3 November 2023

Term Ends: Friday 22 December 2023

Spring Term 2024

Term Starts: Monday 8 January 2024

Half Term: Monday 12 February 2024 to Friday 16 February 2024

Term Ends: Friday 22 March 2024



Summer Term 2024

Term Starts: Monday 8 April 2024

Half Term: Monday 27 May 2024 to Friday 31 May 2024

Term Ends: Monday 22 July 2024


Training Days 2023 - 2024 are:

1.  Monday 4th September

2.  Tuesday 5th September

3.  Friday 27th October - VI study day

4.  Friday 9th February

5.  Monday 22nd July



Diary of Events 2023-24

4th September     Training Day

5th September     Training Day

6th September     Children start back

4th October         Careers interviews

27th October       Training Day - Regional VI training day


30th Oct - 3rd November  Half Term

11th November     Interfaith week

15th November     Parents’ Evening (tbc)       4.00-7.00

29th November     Careers interviews

12th December     German market (Secondary)

12th December     Primary Concert dress rehearsal   9:30am

13th December     Primary Concert for parents     10 am

14th December     Pantomime

18th December     Secondary Christmas Bonanza   9:30am

21st December     Whole School Certificate Assembly     10 am

22nd December    End of Term (time tbc)      12.30 p.m.

8th January           Children start back

31st January         Careers interviews

9th February         Training Day

12th - 16th February     Half Term

4th March            RSHE Week begins Secondary 

6th March            Careers interviews

15th March          Year 11 and 13 reports issued - opportunity to meet with FT w/b 18th March

18th March          Year 9 School Leaver boosters

22nd March         Certificate Assembly     10 am

22nd March         End of Term - Children finish     3.30 pm

8th April              Children start back

1st May               Careers interviews

13th – 16th May  Key Stage 2 SATS (Year 6)

12th June            Careers interviews


27th - 31st May    Half Term     


3rd June onwards (2 week window)    Year 4 multiplication check

10th June            Primary health week

10 - 14th June     Phonics Screening check week

14th June            Year 11/13 leave

17th June            Work Experience starts year 10

17th June            Y11/Y13 End of Year Outing (tbc)

24th June            Year 8 HPV vaccines

28th June            all years except 11 and 13 reports issued - opportunity to meet with FT w/b 1/7

3rd July               Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Day and Primary Transition day (tbc)

8th July               Activities week / residential

12th July             Primary VI Activity Day (tbc)

17  July               Secondary End of Term Outing

18 July                Year 6, 11, 13 and 14 Graduation Assembly (tbc)     10 am

19 July                Certificate Assembly      10 am

19th July             End of Term       12.30 p.m.

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