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The Reprographics Service provides support to pupils with vision impairments, the staff who support them and their families, in a variety of settings across the whole of Birmingham. We provide a braille transcription service to children who are tactile learners and educated within the city. Support is provided to help pupils access the national curriculum. Work is produced in Braille grade 1 and 2, modified large print or tactile diagrams and materials. 

Our work requests mainly include the transcription of worksheets, revision guides and coursework materials to support GCSE, BTEC and A level students. A large proportion of these requests include tactile diagrams with supporting descriptions. This is very time consuming but very necessary to support the child’s learning and understanding of the subject.

The Team is based in a purpose built office at Priestley Smith School, where a range of software and a braille embosser are available.

The Service also benefits from excellent links with reprographics staff nationally and hold yearly meetings to share knowledge and experience.

For advice or support contact the Reprographics department on 0121 325 3908 or email:  

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