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Specialist VI Technical Service

VI Technical Service

The VI Technical Service provides support to pupils with vision impairments,  the staff who support them and their families, in a variety of settings across the whole of Birmingham. Support is provided for all vision impairment related IT and electronics, including braille systems,  network software, iPad configuration and internet whiteboard access.

The Team is based in a purpose built workshop at Priestley Smith School,  where a range of equipment can be safely tested and repaired.  The Service also benefits from excellent links with developers and manufacturers and uses the shared experiences of other local authorities,  both good and bad,  to map specialist IT practice.

The Team respond to the requirements of individual settings and offer bespoke support to individual pupils and staff and can offer home visits if required. Liaison with staff determines how best to integrate the service with their establishment. This can include regular planned maintenance visits, planned installation or training to staff and pupils or urgent priority visits in the event of a significant equipment malfunction. A number of how to guides are available on request.

Work is prioritised in the following order:

  1. Braille production equipment

  2. Equipment used by individual pupils to access the curriculum

  3. Transitional arrangements for pupils moving to different classrooms or locations eg interactive whiteboard or network setup

  4. Individual or group training and support

For advice or support contact us  on 0121 325 3907

or email:

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